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This covers pre-employment matters or those that are resolved or determined on/before the day one of work.

Pre-Employment 101

Things to you need to know

Employer-Employee Relationship Tests

• Four-fold Test

• Economic Reality Test

• Job advertisement or post

• Job interview

• Resume, CV, Bio-data

• Transcript of Records

• PNP or NBI Clearance

Drug Test

Hepatitis B Test

• Covid-19 Test

• Alcohol Test

Principles of Employment Contracts

a. The 6 Kinds of Employment Contracts

Regular Employment Contract

Probationary Employment Contract

Casual Employment Contract

Project Employment Contract

Fixed-Term Employment Contract

Seasonal Employment Contract

b. Special Conditions

• Resignation Stipulation

• Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreement

• Non-Compete Clause

Employment Bond

•  Managerial Employees

•  Managerial Staff

•  Supervisory Employees

•  Rank-and-File Employees